JR立川駅から徒歩10分。線路脇の古びた倉庫の中に、OZA METALSTUDIOのアトリエがあります。かつては地元に親しまれたリサイクルショップでしたが、2018年より作家仲間とこの倉庫を借り受け、「フミキリ倉庫」と名付けました。僕は1Fを作業場、2Fをショールーム(兼、事務所)にしています。

10 minutes walk from JR Tachikawa station. Here is OZA METAL STUDIO in an old warehouse beside the railroad track. It used to be a recycle shop familiar to the locals. From 2018 we rented this warehouse with fellow creators. And named it “Crossing Warehouse”. I use the 1st floor as a factory and the 2nd floor as a showroom (and office).


Here is a place for experiments and research. Changing every day. In the showroom, I am trying out how to display my artwork.And visitor can see objects that are unfinished but have potential. Creation is very fun not only in finished products but also in the middle of the process, so I hope you can share it with everyone here.


代表 小沢 敦志
〒190-0013 東京都立川市富士見町2-16-3 フミキリ倉庫2F


The showroom is appointment system. Please send us your desired date and time from CONTACT, and let’s proceed while adjusting each other’s schedule.

Atsushi Ozawa
Fumikiri-Souko2F,2-16-3,Fujimi, Tachikawa,Tokyo,190-0013,Japan

※If you will come by car, please use the nearby coin parking.